Specialised in printed packaging

"We create value for our customers thanks to the flawless production of packaging products at the forefront of technology."

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    The creation of a stimulating work environment is a prime objective. Collaboration, teamwork and well-dened responsibilities are central to this approach. 


    St-Luc and its team must constantly seek out for new processes and new solutions. We will be able to respond to the increasing demands of our customers by giving ourselves the ultimate goal of exceeding their expectations.


    This is about achieving our nancial objectives in order to ensure business growth and job security. This asset must be leveraged in order to make the necessary investments and to renew the processes.

Our basic values are the foundation of our company strategy and company culture. As a company, we need to adapt our strategy to the challenges that we face. In the current economic climate, this means: improved efficiency, reliable quality and protable production. This is our common responsibility and we must strive to achieve our strategic objectives together. Only the constant monitoring of the processes and their subsequent improvements will allow us to attain these values. In order to do this we will measure, analyse, act and verify the results.


specialised in printed packaging

St-Luc has been active in the field of packaging for over 20 years. We are in the business of foldable boxes, labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging. Our professional team is working every day to achieve your success.

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family business

We are 100% a family business, a true SME where, through hard work and reinvesting our profits, we have succeeded in building a state of the art machine park, employing the best people and taking the time to give young people a chance.

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one-stop shopping

We offer you a total solution! If you want to get your product noticed, we’ll make sure that it stands out in the store! St-Luc is unique in its integrated design and production process. Our experienced team will carry out your project with the best service, perfect quality (ISO 9001:2008), under strict controls (BRC-IOP and GMP) and using just-in-time methods.

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