Prepress is the term used in the printing and publishing industries for the processes and procedures that occur between the creation of a print layout and the final printing.



Technical Specifications


Colour management

Colour management, together with a consistent printing process, is a must for obtaining a high quality print result for the first print and for all the following prints. Thanks to their precise colour management, St Luc is able to guarantee a perfect end result in line with the colour proofs that were made in the prepress phase. This will be followed by daily measurements and checks on the work floor.



The predistortion of shrink sleeve files ensures that all logos and other elements on the package look perfect after the shrink sleeve process.


Proofing & dummies

St-Luc can provide models (dummies) to customers for labels, shrink sleeves and films as well as projects for printing on boxes. For labels, dummies can be produced in true-to-life full colour, calibrated according to the Europe-ISO-Coated-Fogra system. If necessary, a digital test can be made using the correct substance. For flat cardboard packaging, St-Luc can provide a 100% trustworthy outline of your packaging through a CAD-CAM system. This gives you the opportunity to test out different kinds of cardboard or to do in-depth feasibility testing of the proposed packaging on your production line. It is also possible to do a digital test run if necessary. For film and shrink sleeves we can make a realistic 3D representation and digitally print some real examples on film or shrink sleeve.

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WebCenter is a unique and powerful web-based platform that manages the preproduction specifications as well as the approval of the packaging. WebCenter’s core business is packaging, including all aspects of successful packaging: the format, the importance of brand colours and the check up of all the necessary content. WebCenter allows you to manage the complexity of the creation process, from the specifications and development to the implementation.

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3D visualisations

We can make 3D models of your designs for labels, boxes and shrink sleeves, which will allow you to determine exactly whether your packaging fits your product. As a customer you will receive a simulation in 3D-PDF.

Click here to download an example of a 3D-PDFS. You can check this out in Adobe Reader


Technical support for formatting

St-Luc offers specialised technical support and/or development in formatting. Together with the client or their design agency, we search for a format that is technically feasible for production.  If you need an original detachable coupon or a special shape for your package, or a specific insert, we will work with you to find a feasible solution. Thanks to a presentation in a 3D environment we are able to create a model that is 100% faithful to the real packaging. The customer can carry out a 360° control and check if the design and the form of the packaging match each other perfectly.


Modifications of the text and layout

All possible modifications to the text and the layout can be made by our prepress department. A simple text correction, replacing a photo, logo or format, adapting the format, etc.  Just give the correction to your order manager and they will provide you with a new PDF for approval. All customer files are saved in our database with a unique search key. Thanks to this database and our continuous process of backups, we can guarantee that our customer files are safe. 


Technical support for printing and colour

During the prepress phase we analyse each file received for technical printing feasibility.  In consultation with our art director, we are always looking for the most optimal solution for a specific type of packaging. Our thorough and meticulous colour management, both in the prepress and in the print phase, are the basis of our quality guarantee. St-Luc strives to the best print result in agreement with the customer.